Cat Services

Rainbow Pet Sitting, offers you a caring, dedicated and professional ‘Cat Sitting Service’ to give you complete peace of mind that your cats will remain happy in their own home, whilst you are away. Cats can become easily stressed when away from their familiar surroundings and routines. We can help by caring for your cat in his or her home, by visiting once or twice a day, to help maintain their regular routines and dietary needs. We aim to take the very best care of your Feline friends! 

Home security is an added benefit, and we can help give your home that 'lived in' look, to help keep your home more secure.

You'll enjoy our daily photos and videos, We'll bring in the post, and let you know if we spot anything out of the ordinary. Our services vary from cat owner to cat owner, and every cat has different needs and requirements. For this reason, we offer all our customers our free no obligation, Meet & Greet Service. 

We will schedule your Meet & Greet to discuss all your cat's needs. This is our opportunity to meet your cats and learn about their needs, routine, behavior, and health and gives you the opportunity to get to know us, so that you can have complete confidence in us to care for your cat.


Why not take advantage of our free no oligation, Meet & Greet Service.



Feed and Fuss

We dont just pop-in feed your cats and leave, we give loads of individual care and attention and fuss on every visit. Our cat sitting service provides feeding, playtime and a warm lap to sit on!  

Our daily cat visits include grooming, simple brushing or combing, this is an add-on service. 

Regular grooming for cats is important to not only keep cats looking and feeling good, but to also get them comfortable with regular handling. Regular brushing or combing stimulates and conditions cats' skin. It can also help prevent mats and control hairballs. Its also a great bonding time for us and your feline friend. 

Here's What We Do:

  • Feed and Fuss
  • Feed and Fuss other pets, hamsters, fish and rabbits
  • Washing of food and water bowls at each visit so they're sparkling clean
  • Feeding and keeping water fresh and full
  • Administering medication
  • Grooming
  • Playtime 
  • Fuss and attention depending on what your cat would like. Respect is most important when we see your cat 
  • Thorough cleaning of litter trays and scooping
  • As many visits as you feel your cat would be content with
  • We also provide house care services taking out recycling and waste bins
  • Curtains opened and closed
  • Picking up post 
  • Turning lights on and off as required                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


£10 per visit per day between 8am - 6pm

£18 for 2 visits per day between 8 am - 6pm

£4 supplement for visits after 6pm or before 8am

Please note, if you live in a parking permitted area I will need to be provided with a visiting permit otherwise I will not be able to take you on as a client.

Homes outside of our service area will incur a mileage surcharge of £1 per mile.

Rainbow Pet Sitting is run and owned by Carol Rainbow who is policed checked and fully insured to look after your pets. With many years' experience of owning and caring for cats, and other small animals, you can rest assured that your pets are in very safe hands


















We will schedule your meet and greet to go over all your pets needs at this meeting. This is our opportunity to meet your pets and learn about their needs, routine, behavior, and health. This is your opportunity to get to know us, ask questions, and address any concerns so you are fully confident leaving your pet in our care  At each visit, we make sure your pet has clean drinking water and feed them at their scheduled times.  We make sure your pets are going potty and eating and keeping their normal routine.  Your pets will do so much better being kept in their own environment with their usual surroundings.
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Pet Service

If you are looking for a dog walking service we will visit you at your home to meet you and your pet and to complete an assessment, we sometimes arrange a trial walk with the owner to ensure that both parties are happy.
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Dog Walking Service

Dogs are walked on their own or with a maximum of three other dogs with a suitable temperament. Dogs are kept on the lead at all times unless written permission has been given.

Walks are usually for an hour but are adapted to suit the dog's individual needs.
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Professional Pet Sitting Services

Are you going away on holiday or having to spend a few days away with work or visiting friends and relatives for the weekend? We can look after your pet in your own home while you are away.

A pet can often be unhappy when it is put into kennels or taken away for any length of time from its usual home environment. We offer care for pets that prefer to stay in their own home while you are away.
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