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We love cats and they are our passion, so we dedicate our time to caring for your feline family member. Cat Sitting in their home allows your cat the opportunity to enjoy one-to-one attention that they deserve.  You will enjoy the peace of mind knowing your cats are in the hands of Devoted and very caring and trustworthy cat sitters.

We specialise in cats, and we know for them there’s simply no place like home! Our Cat Sitting service provides your cats with lots of loving care.

We know that cats are creatures of habit and simply adore their home comforts, so by staying at home, it allows them to follow their usual diet and normal routines, being in a familiar, secure environment provides them the opportunity to be as happy and content as possible! 


Home security is an added benefit, and we can help give your home that 'lived in' look, to help keep your home more secure.


You'll enjoy our daily photos and updates, we'll bring in the post, and let you know if we spot anything out of the ordinary.  We know its a big responsibility choosing some one to look after your cat's.  We want to provide a service that is bespoke and personalised thats why we get you to fill out key information about your cat - we don't believe in a one size fits all approach.  Every cat has different needs and requirements. For this reason, we offer all our customers our free no obligation, "Meet & Greet" service.

We will schedule your "Meet & Greet" to discuss all your cat's needs. This is our opportunity to meet your cats and learn about their needs, routine, behaviour, and health and gives you the opportunity to get to know us, we can show your our credentials, collect keys etc).  So that you can have complete confidence in us to care for your cat.


Why not take advantage of our free no obligation, "Meet & Greet" service.


Feed and Fuss

We dont just pop-in feed your cats and leave, we give personal attention and fuss on every visit. Our cat sitting service provides feeding, playtime and a warm lap to sit on!  


Here's What We Do:

  • Feed and Fuss

  • Washing of food bowls at each visit

  • Fresh food and water daily

  • Clean and tidy litter tray

  • Fuss, Playtime laptime or simply "chill" time

  • Basic grooming service

  • Administration of any required meds, supplements, vitamins

  • One or two visits per day

  • Daily photos and updates

  • We are happy to feed small animals (rabbits, hamsters)

  • Tidying your mail                            

  • Check that your cat is generally well and happy.

  • Provide lots of re-assuring cuddles!

  • Taking our rubbish

  • Opening and closing your curtains for a 'lived-in' look

  • Each new cat companion will receive a free homemade cat nip toy!                                                                                                                


The cost of our cat sitting service is £12 per visit (up to two cats). 

Just £1 per visit per extra cat!

Morning visits may take place between  6 am - noon

Afternoon visits may take place between  noon - 6 pm

£4 supplement for visits after 6pm

Emergency pet supplies - £10 plus cost of supplies

Emergency vet trip - £25


The following days are charged at double rate: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday. Christmas Eve and New Years are charged time and a half.  Bank holidays will be charged at double the standard rate.



Payments can be made by online bank transfer or cash if it is more convenient for you. For our pet sitting services, payment is due 7 days before our first visit and where payment is not received in accordance with these terms and conditions of  business, Rainbow Pet Sitting reserve the right not to proceed with any previously agreed arrangements.


Please note; if you live in a parking permitted area we will need to be provided with a visiting permit otherwise we will not be able to take you on as a client.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you spend with my cat? 

We will always stay an appropriate time for the individual cat or cats in our care.  For example, if we are visiting and caring for cats that have cat flap access to the outside, who eat and then disappear (clearly wanting to get back outside to continue their adventures!), there would be little point in having an extended stay.  If however, we are visiting and caring for cats that really enjoy human company, (and especially kittens and elderly or timid cats), we would socialise with, cuddle, groom (if required) and reassure them for as long as our schedule allows. Be assured that socialising with your cat would be a very important element of our visits along with the practical aspect of maintaining food, water and clean litter.  Where clients invite us to, we will make a cup of tea or coffee, put on the TV or have a read, with “you-know-who” sat on our lap purring away!

I would like visits every other day.  Is that Ok?

Unfortunately, this is not possible under any circumstances. We take our duty of care extremely seriously and the health of your cats is always our primary concern.  "We do not do every other day or shared visits for cats". To that end, it is our policy to make a least one visit per day over the whole period that the cat owner is away.  This goes some way to address the social needs of a cat and also allows us to check on a daily basis that the cat is healthy and well.  Depending on timings, it may be necessary to make a visit on the day of departure and the day of return.

What is the booking process
First, you need to make a booking, either over the phone or preferably by email (stating the dates you want us to cover).  At that point a 25% deposit is payable. This may be made by bacs or cheque if you do not have internet banking. Secondly, once the deposit has been paid, we will email you a booking confirmation. Then a few weeks before you go away we will arrange a "meet and greet"  with you and your cats. A deposit is only required for a first booking, once you are a customer all future bookings do not require a deposit.

How much are your fees?

A fixed fee per cat sitting visit is charged according to your location.

Normally, the fee per visit (for up to two cats) is the same. So whether you have one or two cats, the fee is the same.  If you have more than two cats, the fee is just £1 per visit per extra cat!.

I cannot confirm my holiday dates yet and I am worried that you that you will be fully booked when I am ready to make a booking. What can I do?
Don't worry!  All you need to do is pay a deposit of £20 and we will guarantee to fit you into our schedule when you do get back to us with definite dates. Although the deposit is non-refundable, it will be held on your account and may be used by you at any time against future bookings.  The "purrfect" solution to ensure that your cats can stay at home when you travel away!


What if my cat should become ill or injured whilst I am away?

We are very experienced in recognising all kinds of problems. Should we feel there is an issue, we will contact you if the situation and timescale allows this, and if necessary we will take your cat to the vets (this will normally be your own vets).  This is an extremely rare occurrence, but please be reassured that we will never hesitate to consult a vet where necessary.  We are happy to to pay any vet bill on your behalf and you can reimburse us on your return.

What are the key arrangements? 

With regard to keys, the keys are collected at the initial meeting when we meet.  At the end of your very first booking we can either put the keys back through your letterbox or we can retain them for future bookings if you wish.  (Many customers request that a spare set of keys are retained by Rainbow Pet Sitting so that they don’t have to go to the inconvenience of getting keys to us each time they go away.  So feel free to make use of this (free) facility if you wish, or continue getting the keys to Rainbow Pet Sitting each time you make a booking, whichever you prefer).  Please note that if you do not ask us to retain a spare set of keys at the finish of your first booking, the onus is on you to get the keys to Rainbow Pet Sitting for all subsequent bookings as we do not have the time to collect keys from our many different customers.
Will you be able to let my cat out whilst I am away?
With regard to letting cats in or out, we can work with the following two situations:
EITHER your cat stays in whilst you are away, in which case we will service the litter trays OR your cat has outside access via a cat-flap. 
Because of the uncertainty in relation to how long a cat might wish to stay out and when it might choose to return, in the majority of situations we are very reluctant to let cats in and out - although we do not rule this out entirely - and particular situations can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.  So if you do not have a cat-flap, your cat would (normally) need to stay in whilst you are away. 
However, even if your  cat was confined to the house whilst you are away, we are sure that it would far prefer staying at home with massive amounts of familiar home space in preference to being forcibly taken off to a cattery and being confined to a small pen.  And after all, for most people, we’re only talking about 2 or 3 weeks holiday out of 52 weeks each year – and most cats can easily manage for a few weeks each year.    

Please note:  If your locks have a particular technique please demonstrate how to unlock you're door.  Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed pet sitters will not use force, so if we cannot get into your cat for whatever reason, we may need to call a locksmith, at the owners expense, to avoid any damage to doors or locks. 

The highest priority is given to the health and contentment of your fellow pets.  They will receive the same loving care and attention they would get from you if you were home.  With that in mind a few basic conditions apply:
  1. All possible care and attention will be given to your cat's health and welfare, this being so we reserve the right to consult a veterinary surgeon, at the owner's expense, should we feel its necessary to do so.
  2. All animals and property are at owner's risk.  NO responsibility is taken for damages incurred by the cat's whilst owners are away.  If you have any equipment that we may need to use, please make sure its in good working order as any breakages will be down to the owner.
  3. It is agreed that it is the client's responsibility to ensure that the property, its contents, and pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the assignment as we will not accept liability for any damage to the property caused by your pet's.
  4. We recommend that cats are kept indoors whilst in our care so we can ensure their health and safety.  However should you wish for your cat to have free access to a cat flap we cannot be held liable for any disappearance, injuries or death.
  5. Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed pet sitters will not open or close any windows during our pop-in visits so please ensure that all windows are locked and secure before you leave.
  6. Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed pet sitters will not be held liable for any break-ins or vandalism on your property during use of our services.
  7. Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed petsitters are covered by their own public liability insurance. Any claims that may arise will be the responsibility of the individual in charge of your pet at the time.
  8. Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed pet sitters will care for your animal as you would, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed pet sitters cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care.
  9. Rainbow Pet Sitting and their self employed pet sitters will not be held liable for any illnesses or injuries your pets may suffer whilst using our services, nor for the death of a pet.
  10. The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in the care of Rainbow Pet Sitting and their employed pet sitters.
  11. You agree for us to take pictures of your pets when we are caring for them and for those pictures to be used on our website or any marketing purposes.
  12. The client must provide all items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in the client's absence. (ie, food, medication, cat litter). Should pets require any pet supplies whilst in the care of Rainbow Pet Sitting or their self employed pet sitters these will be purchased and added to the bill. The cost of this service will be £10 plus cost of supplies.
  13. If we cannot access your property due to a faulty key or lock, then there will be no refund for the cost of the visit.
  14. Please note there are no refunds if you arrive home early.


Each new Cat Companion will receive a free homemade catnip toy! 



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