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Welcome to Rainbow Pet Sitting

Rainbow Pet Sitting is a small and friendly company, providing a dedicated and professional pet sitting and cat sitting service (an alternative to a cattery).

We're professional cat sitters in Watford Rural.  Our cat sitting service provides feeding, playtime and a warm lap to sit on! 

Cats are beautiful, majestic creatures.  They are elegant, calming, curious, independent, loving, simply magical companions.  We can learn a lot from cats in their ability to live in the moment and to enjoy the little things.  We want to get to know your cat.  We believe that it's important to play with your pet while we are cat sitting for them.. flying feather toys and tunnel hide and seek.  If it's grooming or just being there ready with a welcoming lap to sit on - our lap is ready for them.  We will always respect your cat's wishes and if they are shy and don't feel ready to come out we will sit and wait for them.  We can care for your cat's if you've been called away in an emergency, out at work or away from home.

Life is hectic and we all lead busy lives. This is why cat owners really appreciate our amazing service!  Travel is often arranged at short notice and we go out of our way to help customers in every way we can.  Our customers know that all that's needed is for them to text or email before they leave and we will then cater to their cat's every whim!  We will be its permanent and dedicated servant, friend, and companion until you return!  This means that while you are away you can have total peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe, happy and enjoying total care. (We shouldn't really say this) but your cat might not even miss you!


Our cat sitting service in Watford Rural takes away the stress of car travel and a trip to a cattery where there are different sights, smells of strange unfamiliar cats and people coming in and out.  


We offer a brilliant cat sitting service when you travel away, because instead of owners and cats both enduring the stress and ordeal of going to a cattery with our cattery alternative your cat stays at home.

If you wish to extend your travel break, that's fine.  Just send us a text or email and we will be happy to make more visits.

Why choose us?

  • Insured and police checked.

  • Free "Meet and Greet"  service so you can introduce me to your cats and I can show you my credentials, collect keys etc.

  • Experienced Pet Owners.

  • We are very reliable, trustworthy and honest individuals of integrity who will treat your cat's and your home with respect and care.

  • Experienced key holders.

  • Time saving as there's no trip in the car to and from the cattery when you return - your cat will be at home waiting for you!

  • Eliminating stress and anxiety as there is no sounds, sights and smells of other cats.

  • Available 365 days a year and often at short notice.

  • If your cat has a cat flap this can be left open so they can continue to explore outside.

  • We are happy to feed goldfish and care for other low maintenance pets (such as guinea pigs or hamsters). Depending on how much needs to be done, there may be a slightly increased fee to take account of the extra time.

  • We will send you daily photos and updates to let you know all is well.

  • Arriving in an unmarked car, so we don't advertise that your away from home.

  • Keyholding service - Your keys are secure, unmarked and kept in a locked safe.

  • Our service is discreet and vehicles do not carry any advertising whatsoever.

  • We provide a service that is bespoke and personalised.                               

  • There is no need to rely on friends and family to provide pet care.             

  • We can provide a "Welcome Home" package with essentials you need after being away.

  • Each new cat companion will receive a free homemade cat nip toy!                 

Free "Meet & Greet" service to discuss all your cat’s needs, without obligation.   


We are cat owners ourselves with a passion for animal welfare and can give you total peace of mind that your cats are being cared and looked after as though they were our own.  We look forward to meeting you and your cat's soon!

Rainbow Pet Sitting is a small and friendly company, providing a dedicated and professional pet sitting and cat sitting service (an alternative to a cattery),  covering Watford and surrounding areas including: Aldenham, Borehamwood, Bricket Wood, Bushey, Carpenders Park, Chiswell Green, Croxley Green, Elstree, Frogmore, How Wood, Letchmore Heath, Oxhey, Park Street, Radlett, Shenley, South Oxhey.  

For a professional cat care home service, call 0208 421 4879.






We look forward to meeting you and your Pet's soon!


Carol is so great. It was our first time ever using a service like this and everything was perfect. our kitten was well cared for and we were given plenty of updates. I would recommend this business to anyone who needs it.

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