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Cat Sitting Service

We know for cats, there's simply no place like home! They're creatures of habit and simply adore their home comforts. By staying at home they can follow their normal diets and routines. Being in a familiar, secure enviroment means they will be as happy and content as possible.

Our daily cat sitting service eliminates the stress that can be involved in getting in the cat basket, travelling in the car and all the different sights and smells of different animals. Our cat sitting service provides feeding, playtime and a warm lap to sit on!

Meet & Greet

Every cat has different needs and requirements. For this reason we offer all our customers our free no obligation "Meet & Greet" service. We will schedule your "Meet & Greet" to discuss all your cat's needs. This is our opportunity to meet your cats and learn about their needs, routine, behaviour, and health and gives you the opportunity to get to know us, we can show you our credentials, collect keys etc. So that you can have complete confidence in us to care for your cat's. 

Why not take advantage of our free no obligation, "Meet & Greet" service!

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Feed and Fuss

We don't just pop-in feed your cats and leave, we give personal attention and fuss on every visit. 

Life is hectic and we all lead busy lives. This is why cat owners really appreciate our amazing service! Travel is often arranged at the very last minute and we go out of our way to help customers in every way we can. Our customers know that all that's needed is for them to text or email before they leave and we will then cater to their cat's every whim! We will be its permament and dedicated servant, friend, and companion until you return!
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